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Entry Vocabulary Module Prototypes   (Page 1 of 2)
A demonstration of the "seamless library" gateway to information database
s project. Experience improved access to unfamiliar metadata, such as that used by specialized text and numeric databases, by exploring the eight prototype Entry Vocabulary Modules (EVMs) that follow.

Multilingual EVMs (1-2)

Use Entry Vocabulary Modules #1 and #2 to:

  Convert a multilingual, natural language query to Library of Congress subject headings (LCSH)  About LCSH  

  Convert an LCSH (in English) to a multilingual list of closely related terms

  Supply (and/or augment) search queries; View the hierarchical structure of LC subject headings related to user-selected term.

1.   Search for an English language LC subject heading

  Enter a search query in any Roman-alphabet language


   Limit results to top:
2.   Search for terms (multilingual) associated with a one-word Library of Congress subject heading
   Enter a Library of Congress (English language) subject heading:
   (e.g. islamic fundamentalism)

   Limit results to top:

More prototype EVMs (3 - 8)