Japanese-English Bilingual Lexicon for Research and Demonstration

Fredric Gey, University of California


This page delivers the Japanese-English Bilingual Lexicon Described in my LREC 2008 paper “A Japanese-English Technical Lexicon for Translation and Language Research” (joint with David K Evans and Noriko Kando). The page is under construction,but the first three data files should be ready by June 6, 2008. The data are based on my visiting research appointment at the National Institute of Informatics of Tokyo during the summer of 2007. My final presentation at NII in August 2007 may be found here. My co-author, David Kirk Evan’s presentation at LREC 2008, which includes our evaluation of the lexicon, may be found here.


Intellectual Property:  Data presented at this site are made available under a modified GNU public access license, the basic tenant is that the files are not to be used or sold for commercial purposes.  By downloading the files, you have agreed to the terms of this license.


Data Files  (all in gzip format):


Lexicon from the NTCIR-1 Gakkai Collection (coming soon)

Lexicon from the NTCIR-2 Gakkai Collection (coming soon)

Lexicon from the NTCIR-2 Kaken Collection (coming soon)

Lexicon of Katakana subset from all Collections (coming later)



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Last revision: 06/02/2008