DARPA Unfamiliar Metadata Project

Select a subject domain of your interest to search a dictionary of metadata vocabulary. You will enter a free text request and a list of the most highly associated metadata terms with your query will be returned. 
INSPEC Citations from over 4000 journals and other publications in physics, electrical engineering and electronics, computers and control, and information technology. 
  • Choose a subdomain  then press 
  • MEDLINE Citations from approx. 8,400 journals in medicine, life science, and health administration. 
  • Choose a subdomain  then press 
  • PATENTS US Patent and Trade Office and World Intellectual Property Organization patent classification. 
  • Choose  query and  patents, then press 
  • LCC Library of Congress Classification in the Physical Sciences. 
  • Click  to start the search. 
  • SIC Standard Industrial Classification searched in natural language queries. 
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