Search Support for Unfamiliar Metadata Vocabularies

Papers and Reports


James French, Allison Powell, Fred Gey, Natalia Perelman. Exploiting A Controlled Vocabulary to Improve Collection Selection and Retrieval Effectiveness, in Tenth International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, Atlanta, Georgia, November 5-10, 2001. [PDF]

Michael Buckland, Hailing Jiang, Youngin Kim, & Vivien Petras. Domain-Based Indexes: Indexing for Communities of Users. In: 3e Congrès du Chapitre français de L'ISKO, 506 juillet 2001. Filtrage et résumé informatique de l'information sur les réseaux. Paris: Université Nanterre Paris X. pp 181-185. [PDF]


Michael K. Buckland, Aitao Chen, Michael Gebbie, Youngin Kim, & Barbara Norgard. Variation by Subdomain in Indexes to Knowledge Organization Systems. In: Dynamism and Stability in Knowledge Organization: Proceedinsg of the Sixth International ISKO Conference, 10-13 July 2000, Toronto, Canada Edited by Clare Beghtol, Lynne C Howarth, Nancy Williamson. Wuerzburg, Germany: Ergon Verlag. 2000. Pp. 48-54. [HTML]

Hui-Min Chen. Design and Implementation of the Agent-based EVMs System. Technical Report. [HTML] [PDF]

Buckland, M. Forme, Signification, et Structure des Systèmes de Sélection du Savoir. Opening plenary paper at the 1999 conference of the French Chapter of ISKO, the International Society for Knowledge Organization, Lyon, France, Oct 22, 1999. [HTML]. To be published in France in the conference proceedings.
Published in Spanish as: "Forma, significado y estructura de los sustemas de seleccion de conocimiento. Documentacion de las Ciencias de la Informacion 22 (1999):75-84.

Buckland, M., Chen, A., Chen, H., Gey, F., Kim, Y., Lam, B., Larson, R., Norgard, B., and Purat, Y.   Mapping Entry Vocabulary to Unfamiliar Metadata Vocabularies   D-Lib Magazine Vol.5 No.1  January 1999. [ HTML]

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Gey, F., Chen, H., Norgard, B., Buckland, M., Kim, Y., Chen, A., Lam, B., Purat, Y., and Larson, R.   Advanced Search Technologies for Unfamiliar Metadata   Meta-Data '99 Third IEEE Meta-Data Conference April 6-7, 1999. [PDF]


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Norgard, Barbara.   Entry vocabulary modules and agents. Technical report. [ HTML]

Kim, Youngin.   Sensitivity of Entry vocabulary Modules to Subdomains. Technical report. [ HTML]

Kim, Youngin and Norgard, Barbara.   Adding Natural Language Processing Techniques to the Entry Vocabulary Module Building Process. Technical report. [ HTML ]

Purat, Jacek.   The World of Multilingual Environmental Thesauri Technical report. [HTML]


Buckland, M. K., and Plaunt, C.   Selecting Libraries, Selecting Documents, Selecting Data. In the Proceedings of the International Symposium on Research, Development & Practice in Digital Libraries, ISDL 97, Nov. 18-21, 1997, University of Library and Information Science , Tsukuba City, Japan. [HTML]   [ Postscript]  
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