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NTCIR GeoTime 2010-11


Official GeoTime Topics for NTCIR-9

English and Japanese TOPICS FILE

The following files have only topics in a single language, and the "CDATA" wrappers around the topic text are removed and all topic texts are on a single line (should be simpler to process)

English only TOPICS FILE

Japanese only TOPICS FILE

GeoTime Example topics from NTCIR-9

GeoTime Example topics from NTCIR-8


These topics are for use against the English (New York Times) or Japanese (Mainichi) collections. If you are running only English, please do not use the <DESCRIPTION LANG="JA"> or <NARRATIVE LANG="JA"> fields.

Please see the SCHEDULE for the date that the run results are due. We will be describing the format for run results and submission details within a few days. Participants may submit as many as 5 separate runs.



  1. When and where did George Kennan die?

  2. How long after the Sumatra earthquake did the tsunami hit Sri Lanka?

  3. When and where were the last three Winter Olympics held?

  4. When did direct flights between China and Taiwan begin?

  5. When and where did Cyrus Vance die?