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NTCIR GeoTime 2010-11

TREC Results to GeoTime results transformation scripts

The following awk and sed scripts will tranform TREC results format to NTCIR GeoTime format. Usage is (on a unix machine):

awk -f trec-to-geotime.awk (trec-run-file) | sed -f quote.sed >(geotime-run-name)

e.g. awk -f trec-to-geotime.awk RMIT-EN-EN-01-D-trec | sed -f quote.sed > RMIT-EN-EN-01-D

(NOTE This is for trec-style rankings where the ranks go from 0 to 999, for rankings which go from 1 to 1000, comment out line line 19 and uncomment line 20)

GeoTime Run format check script

The following shell script will check the format of your GeoTime run. Usage is:

GeoTime-runchecker (topicIDfile like EN.tid) (GeoTime runfile)

e.g. GeoTime-runchecker EN.tid RMIT-EN-EN-01-D

For Japanese, replace EN.tid with JP.tid

Our thanks to Shane Culpepper of Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology for example runs

Last update: July 13, 2011 FCG